All parts of iPhone 12 Pro cost only $400

Not so long ago, a new line of smartphones iPhone 12 came on sale. Traditionally, because of the high price, the devices are not designed for the mass consumer. Due to such prices, the U.S. company can boast a leadership in terms of revenue, even despite the not so many sold gadgets.

Employees of the company Fomalhaut with the participation of the portal Nikkei Asia decided to find out how much the iPhone 12 Pro costs, if you consider only the price of its components. After scrupulous study of specifications and prices was calculated the cost of the device, which was equal to $406. At the same time, on the shelves of stores the smartphone is sold for 1000 dollars, which is 2.5 times more than the cost received.
It is noted that retail chain markups, staff salaries, rental costs, logistics and other cost items were not included in this study.


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